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Rat Control London

Effective, Long-Lasting Rat Control from a Family-Run London Business

Disease, fires, property damage, ruined furniture and food. This isn’t a natural disaster we’re talking about, it’s rats.

Rats are London’s most notorious pest: a destructive, disease-spreading rodent with the intelligence and manoeuvrability to easily thwart DIY attempts at rat removal.

We offer same-day mice control treatments. We understand that everyone reacts differently when spotting a mouse in their home and you may want to get a treatment set up that same day.

If you run a business, we can do overnight treatments using glue boards, those have an immediate effect in reducing infestation levels but should be used in conjunction with a standard poison-based treatment plan.

Why use a professional rat exterminator?

Even if you or some cowboy rat catcher do manage to kill a few rats, all you’ve done is buy yourself time. Because, in London, there’s never just one rat.

Their enormous families hide in London’s complex sewer system, feeding off our waste and sneaking up into our homes and businesses.

If you don’t find and block their routes into your building, they’ll keep coming back for an easy meal or – even worse – get comfortable enough to make a nest. It takes just a year for one breeding pair to turn into 1000, enough to force families to leave their homes.

At Environ, your rat pest control professional will use almost CSI-level investigative techniques and equipment to track rat infestation activity to the source and use professional-grade products to block their access permanently.

That’s right: no protracted contracts, no rats popping up again and again. We provide a complete, top-to-bottom, inside-out rat control service with an unparalleled success rate.

Environ: a household name in rat control

Whether it’s down to our experience, our skilled craftsmen in Environ Property Services or our trusty Jack Russells, we can confidently say that Environ has the best rat removal services in London.

We’ve been featured on TV, radio and newspapers to share our unrivalled insight into rat behaviour, lifecycles and how to get rid of them.

Environ is a name trusted by many of London’s world-renowned institutions, international brands and Michelin-starred restaurants – as well as countless everyday family homes all across your city.

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In London, rat extermination is an endless battle. We’ll never be able to get rid of them entirely, but we can make sure we don’t cross paths with them inside our homes and businesses.

Rat treatment in London

Call Environ now or request your call back to book your appointment with our rat removal team and get rid of rats – for good.

How we remove rats

  1. If there is a live rat in the property, call our emergency rat response team for a rat-catching dog.
  2. Get us to lay traps, then be patient. Rats are neophobic and will avoid new objects for around two weeks.
  3. Never use DIY poisons, the corpse of a rat beneath the floors or behind walls will cause disgusting odours and attract flies and maggots.
  4. Let us investigate the building to find entry points then seal them with gnaw-proof materials and barriers.

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Rat Control London - Get Effective, Long-Lasting Rat Extermination from a Family-Run London Business

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