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Seen a rat

Before you read another word, call us now to request our emergency rat control service, which includes one of our trained rat catching dogs.

Every rat sighting needs to be treated as an emergency, don’t allow the rat to stay in your home or business a second longer than necessary.

If you’re not currently in office hours, or while you’re waiting for us to arrive, try to contain the rat in whatever room it’s in by closing the door and blocking the bottom with a towel to prevent it from escaping and from stopping it sniffing out the arrival of our rat catching dog.

Don’t allow any pets in the room with the rat as they are known to attack pets if they feel threatened. You’re also unlikely to have any luck trying to kill the rat yourself, so wait for professionals to arrive.

After our Jack Russel has caught the rat, we wrap and remove it from the premises, wait for him to calm down then re-enter. Our dog will then sniff out where the rat came from so that we can make a preliminary investigation and proofing advice.

In the vast majority of rat emergencies there is only a single rat. Rats only expose themselves to humans as a last resort, usually when they’ve been pushed out of their usual homes or hiding places by building works or flooded drains.

Why is every rat sighting an emergency?

While spotting a mouse can be worrying, the amount of damage a mouse can do before we can perform an investigation is very limited. Rats, however, are stronger, smarter and less fearful than their tiny cousins.

Their sharp teeth can rapidly gnaw through tough materials, even concrete, and they have a nasty habit of chewing on electrical cables which makes them responsible for 25% of electrical fires in the UK.

During one emergency rat response, our client had locked the rat in their living room. In the hour between them shutting the door and us arriving the rat had chewed a hole straight through the carpet and floor in the middle of the room to make its escape.

Rats have also been known to attack pets and – in rare cases – people. In one unforgettable case, a rat crept through the toilet and chewed our client’s hair to the scalp while they slept.

Beyond their immediate damage is the risk of disease. Their big, furry bodies are magnets for germs and diseases dragged in from the sewers, drains and other dirty places that they make their homes. If you’re a business, the sight of a rat is enough to turn customers away for good.

What to do if you see a rat

  1. Immediately call an emergency rat response team, ideally with a rat catching dog.
  2. Contain the rat if you can by closing the door of the room it’s in and placing a towel under the door.
  3. Keep pets away from the rat as they may be attacked.
  4. Once the rat is exterminated, get a site inspection and proofing services to prevent rats getting in again

So if you’ve spotted a rat, don’t wait around. Call us now or click here to request our emergency rat response service.

Get A Discreet Emergency Rat Removal Service

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