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London Pigeon Extermination & Control – We’ll Fend Off Your Flying Rats

Pigeons are called flying rats for a reason. They’re more than a nuisance pest, they’re vermin that damage property and spread disease.

If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with rats in your property, you shouldn’t feel comfortable with pigeons.

Here’s why you need to keep pigeons off your property and how Environ can help you do it.

Should I worry about pigeons on my property?

Coming into contact with pigeon droppings can transmit salmonella and psittacosis, a serious bacterial infection which can cause severe pneumonia.

Because of these health risks, you should never interfere with pigeon roosting or nesting areas yourself and should always seek professional help.

It may surprise you, but a loft heavily infested by pigeons is one of the most dangerous environments a pest controller can find themselves in.

We don’t take any chances: we always wear full protective gear and breathing masks when we’re cleaning areas of pigeon fouling or installing anti-pigeon equipment where they have nested.

How do you exterminate pigeons?

Poisons cannot be used for pigeon control as there’s no way to prevent other birds from feeding on it, and their corpses will also poison any predatory bird which feeds on them.

Even without the ecological concerns, poisons aren’t at all effective at reducing pigeon populations. If it’s necessary to exterminate pigeons, we use traps instead.

Do you offer a pigeon spikes and pigeon netting?

As there’s no effective way to significantly reduce pigeon population through extermination, the best way to keep your property pigeon-free is to fortify it against them.

Pigeon spikes and pigeon netting are simple and effective pigeon deterrents, and you’ll have spotted them all across London. Our pest control experts can examine your site to identify current and potential roosting spots and apply the correct pigeon deterrent.

And if you’re concerned about the visual impact on pigeon spikes and pigeon nets, we can consult with our craftspeople at Environ Property Services to develop a pigeon deterrent which won’t clash with your property’s aesthetics.

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How can you get rid of pigeons on my property?

Our pigeon extermination and control is a three step process which needs to be repeated throughout the year.

  1. First, we remove the existing pigeon population through the use of traps, dispose of nests and thoroughly clean areas where they roost or nest.
  2. Next, we install equipment on your property to repel the pigeons, such as pigeon spikes, pigeon wire or netting – depending on what’s most suitable for your site.
  3. Finally, we investigate your waste storage and disposal practices to identify vulnerabilities which may be providing pigeons with a food source.

Pigeon pest control is not a one and done job. Pigeons are highly adaptable and rapid breeding birds, so any control methods we install need to be regularly assessed and updated to ensure your property remains unsuitable for them.

Quick facts about pigeon control

  • Pigeon droppings spread psittacosis and salmonella. Nests and roosts should only be cleared by professionals with full protective gear.
  • Extermination is not effective in reducing pigeon populations and poisons can’t be used. Trapping and shooting are available where necessary.
  • Deterring pigeons with spikes, netting or other equipment is the only long term solution to keeping pigeons off your property.
  • Make sure bad habits aren’t attracting pigeons: poor waste disposal, overgrown gardens and damaged rooftops all attract pigeons.

Pigeon Control Near Me

Pigeons aren’t your flying friends: they put you, your family, your employees or your customers at risk of serious disease. Call us now or request your call back to book your pigeon exterminator.

How Can I Get Rid of Pigeons?

You should always treat a pigeon infestation just as seriously as rats or mice. Find out how why these flying pests are so dangerous and how to get rid of them.

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