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Bed Bug Treatments in London - Get Help & Advice

You Can’t Wipe Out Bed Bugs Without Professional Treatment. Call Environ Now for the Most Trusted and Effective Bed Bug Removal in London.

Bedbugs are one of the most distressing pests to be infested by, but one that you’ll probably never see.

What you will see is their bites, usually irritated, raised bites in clusters of three on the upper body which look more like a nettle sting than an insect attack. Different people have different levels of sensitivity to bedbug bites, with some people barely affected while others end up with agonising rashes.

So how do they manage to do so much damage without ever being seen?

Bedbugs are not only nocturnal, they’ve also adapted to feed on you only when you’re sleeping. They’re attracted to carbon dioxide, which is released in an uninterrupted, steady stream while we sleep.

When bedbugs detect that carbon dioxide has reached a level that tells them that you’re asleep, they’ll wake up and follow the trail of CO2 up to the source, which is why bedbug bites are found on the upper body around the arms, shoulders, back, neck and head.

Once they’ve had their fill, they retreat back to their hiding places and squeeze their flat bodies into narrow crevices, and can thrive in the gaps in bed frames and in the seams of mattresses. This perfect adaptation allows them to feed on a constant supply of blood without the risk of being found and squashed, unlike fleas which are easily spotted.

How can I tell if I have bed bugs?

Other than clusters of bites on the upper body, the only other evidence bedbugs leave are small black spots of faecal matter no larger than a pinprick, which you may find in trails to and from where you sleep or in clusters around their hiding places.

If you do manage to spot a bedbug, adults reach around 4-5mm in length with a reddish-brown colour, while the hatchlings are no larger than a poppy seed and a pale white colour, and the eggs are pinhead-sized and white, making them almost impossible to spot with the naked eye.

What should I do if I’m infested?

There is no option but professional extermination of bed bugs. Unless you want to throw out all your furniture and move house, no effective DIY solution exists for a bedbug infestation.

But you can avoid making the infestation worse by not disturbing their hiding places. You might be feeling vengeful, but if you disturb bedbugs they’ll just spread out and find even more places to hide, making life more difficult for your exterminators.

Keep the infestation contained, and let the professionals sort them out.

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Professional bed bug fumigation in London

When looking for bed bug pest control, the first thing to understand is that complete extermination can’t be achieved with one visit, so beware of any pest controller offering this as a service.

There need to be at least three visits spread apart to eradicate bed bugs at every stage of their lifecycle, otherwise remaining eggs will hatch and restart the infestation, wasting your time, money and continuing to expose you to irritating, painful bites.

We start every bed bug extermination with a full site survey to ensure that we can narrow down the exact source of the infestation and attack every hiding place. The exact bed bugs treatment depends on the level of infestation and the nature of the site.

Our treatment options include fumigation, residual pesticides, direct application of pesticides to cracks and crevices and mobile heat treatment.

Bed Bugs in London Are on the Rise

Because of the amount on non-permanent residences, rented properties and travel occurring in London, the city’s become a hotspot for bedbugs. The more human traffic there is, the higher the risk of bedbugs, making them a particular nuisance for hotels and student halls.

Bedbugs spread by hitching a ride in suitcases, soft furnishings, upholstery, mattresses and beds. Every time someone stays in a hotel, comes back from a holiday or buys second hand furniture, there’s a chance they’ve brought these blood sucking pests with them.

Even if you’re careful, bedbugs can strike, make a home of your bed and a meal out of you. To wipe them out for good, call Environ now or request your call back to book your appointment with your bed bug extermination team.

How we treat bed bugs

  1. We locate the source of infestation, usually in cracks and cavities in bed frames or in mattress seams. Please, do not disturb them or they will spread.
  2. Spray the bedbug nests with residual insecticides, then fumigate the property. Severely infested furniture may need to be destroyed.
  3. Perform at least three treatments spread a week or more apart to exterminate bedbugs in all stages of their lifecycle.
  4. To prevent reinfestation, you should wash all clothes on a hot wash immediately after returning from holiday and avoid second hand furniture.

Bed Bug Pest Control Near Me

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How Do I Get Rid of Bed bugs?

Worried that you’ve got bedbugs? Click here to find out how to get rid of them, identify them and reduce your risk of infestation, from pest expert Ricky Clark.

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