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Mice are everywhere. London’s old and densely packed homes and thousands of restaurants make it mouse paradise. It’s no wonder that mice control is our most popular service.
You don’t have to put up with the skittering, gnawing and stray droppings anymore. Effective, long-lasting mice control from a local family-run London business is only one phone call away. To start your mice pest control treatment today, call our friendly service team now or request your call back.

If you’ve spotted a mouse, you need to act fast.

There’s never just one mouse. If you spot one scurrying along a skirting board, find their droppings or hear them gnawing in the night, you need to act fast before they get comfortable.

If you’re unfortunate enough to see one, you can guarantee there’s a dozen or more you’re not seeing.

All it takes is a hole the width of a biro (5mm) for a mouse to get into your property, and all it takes is two mice to breed 100 mice.

Mice breed rapidly.

These small secretive creatures don’t need water to survive, letting them quietly grow enormous families around a food source without you realising. The more mice are in your property, the more they spread urine, droppings and disease.

Do Mouse Traps and Poisons Work?

Yes, but only professional-grade desiccating poisons are guaranteed to work. Those can only be used by regulated companies. Unfortunately, shop bought poisons are highly ineffective and the mice that they do kill can become infested with flies in hard or impossible to reach places.

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Mice Control Services

We offer the following professional mice treatments

How We Remove Mice

The only things to make an extra effort for are pets, aquariums and materials that may be damaged by the treatments, such as oil paintings. Any complications will be identified during our free, no obligation site survey and all treatments and procedures will be preceded by a COSHH statements that explains what we’re going to do and the chemicals we’re going to use.

Long-term mouse control is achieved with a three-step process:

  1. Investigate: a thorough inspection to first determine if there are mice, then figure out how they’re entering and surviving.
  2. Exterminate: professional poisons desiccate the corpse, so there are no odours or risk of fly infestation.
  3. Control: mouse-proofing the site with gnaw-proof materials will prevent future infestations from occurring.

We start with the investigation, where your mouse exterminator will thoroughly inspect your home or business to first make sure we are dealing with mice and not rats, and then figure out how they’re getting into your building, how they’re surviving and whether they’ve nested inside.

Your technician will lay down an ultra-violet tracking dust to monitor the movement of mice and eliminate any guesswork.

Next, we exterminate, with professional-use-only poisons that mummify the mouse so that it doesn’t leave behind a smelly, fly-attracting corpse.

This is achieved over two visits spaced 14 days apart where your pest control technician will top-up the poisons. Poisons will be placed in strategic and discreet spots within your property using tamper-proof boxes.

Finally, your mouse exterminator will control against future infestations by mouse-proofing the site from top to bottom, and we’ll check in later to make sure you’re still mouse-free.

Emergency Mice Control

We offer same-day mice control treatments. We understand that everyone reacts differently when spotting a mouse in their home and you may want to get a treatment set up that same day.

If you run a business, we can do overnight treatments using glue boards, those have an immediate effect in reducing infestation levels but should be used in conjunction with a standard poison-based treatment plan.

Humane Mice Control

Professional-grade poisons are more humane than shop-bought and glue boards provide a non-toxic solution providing those are checked frequently and the mouse promptly killed if caught. Only try glue boards yourself if you know you’re able to quickly kill – not doing so would be cruel and certainly not humane.

The most humane method would, of course, be to remove all routes of access to your property by filling all holes down to the width of a biro. If mice can’t enter then they will simply move on.

Mouse Infestation Prevention

If mice found their way into your property once, they can do it again. That’s why we don’t just exterminate mice, we provide a thorough mouse proofing service to stop them ever coming back.

We use professional grade proofing materials to stop mice entering your home or business, never wire wool – which is flammable or expanding foam which mice can easily chew through!

Mice Control for Businesses

If you run food premises, we can help you to fulfil your legal obligation to control pests. We offer a free initial site survey where we will inspect your premises and produce a plan for a bespoke integrated pest management approach consisting of regular, scheduled appointments.

Mouse Exterminator Near Me

You don’t have to put up with the skittering, gnawing and stray droppings anymore. Effective, long-lasting mice control from a local family-run London business is only one phone call away. To start your mice pest control treatment today, call our friendly service team now or request your call back.

How Much Does Mice Control Cost?

Mice Control Prices
1 Bedbroom (2 visits)£189
2 Bedrooms (2 visits)£199
3 Bedrooms (2 visits)£209
4 Bedrooms (2 visits)£219
5 Bedrooms (2 visits)£229
6 Bedrooms (2 visits)£239
Mouse-Proofing *From £25
Commercial Mice Control **Call for your free quotation
Mice Glue Board Treatments ***Call for your free quotation

* the cost of proofing is site-specific and depends on the amount of work required to block all entry routes to your property. It could be just one hole, it could be 100. We will provide you with a report and quotation on completion of your first visit.
** commercial mice control treatments are priced according to the type and size of your premises as well as the extent to any existing infestation. Please call to book your free survey and quotation.
*** the cost of mice glue board treatments depends on the level of infestation, size of your property and the time of day at which you would like a treatment. Please call to get a quick quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have mice?

Mice have no respect for human boundaries. There are many reasons you could have a mouse problem but, essentially, they have access to your property and a food source. There could be several external factors beyond your control such as building works, flooding and cold weather that can drive them into your home and business even if you’re keeping it clean.

Can mice just disappear without me doing anything?

If they’ve found a safe place to nest, then probably not. Once mice get comfortable, they’re there to stay. You would need to deprive them of their food source, however, this may come from an external source, not in your control.

How do you know when all the mice are gone?

  • Leave a biscuit out overnight: if it’s gnawed, they’re still there, if it’s completely gone you may have rats.
  • You won’t see any new gnawed holes.
  • No more squeaking and scraping sounds.
  • No more droppings or smearing, greasy marks along skirting boards.

Are mice a health hazard?

Yes, mice urine can go unnoticed on food work surfaces. Mouse droppings and urine contain Salmonella, and Listeria, all of which can be transferred through human contact.

Mice are known to cause electrical fires. They can chew through electrical cables with their incisor teeth. And cause flooding or gas leaks by chewing through pipework.

More About Mice

London’s best-known mouse species is the common house mouse (Mus musculus). While in Surrey you’ll also find field mice.

Mice have poor eyesight, but a good sense of hearing and smell.

Mice have well adapted to London life: they’re known for eating almost all types of food scraps. They do not need water to survive other than that they get from their food.

Mice can breed all year round. A single female will gestate in 20 days with a litter of up to 12 pups producing up to 60 pups a year.

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