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Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet Beetle Removal in London

No pest is a greater threat to museum and antique collections than carpet beetles.

Like clothes moths, they feed on keratin found in hair, feathers and wool, resulting in catastrophic damage to irreplaceable collections of taxidermy and antique fabrics.

Our carpet beetle removal is a sensitive, bespoke pest control service which exterminates them at all stages of their lifecycle without damaging the often delicate and valuable items they infest.

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Carpet Beetle Control
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Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done.

Why you need to exterminate carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are a stubborn and destructive pest. The adult beetles only lives for around 2 weeks, while the larvae live between 1-3 years.

Because they spend so long in their larval stage, their infestation can go unnoticed for years, unlike clothes moths, which are given away by the clumsy flying adults.

Because they feed on keratin (animal fibers) and chitin (insect matter), carpet beetles thrive amongst taxidermy, insect collections and old fabrics.

Museums and antique shops often despair when taking an item out of storage only to discover it’s been ruined by ravenous carpet beetle larvae.

Complete extermination and control for carpet beetles

Art galleries, museums and antique stores all trust Environ with emergency and ongoing carpet beetle treatment, so we’re well equipped for dealing with removing infestations from sensitive, valuable materials.

Our carpet beetle removal and control service carefully exterminates larvae, eggs and beetles using any combination of residual treatment, insecticides, fogging and temperature treatment. We then proof your building to prevent future infestation.

This often includes proofing against birds. Birds carry carpet beetles from nest to nest (the carpet beetle’s natural habitat), where they can crawl inside from the roof through vents, pipework and window gaps.

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    Carpet beetle infestation in the home

    Carpet beetles aren’t just a plague in museums, they’re also often found in the home. In fact, we’ve gone on many bed bug jobs where the true culprit has turned out to be carpet beetles.

    While carpet beetles don’t bite, the fine hairs shed by carpet beetle larvae are highly allergenic, causing clusters of small, irritated bumps which – to the untrained eye – can look a lot like bedbug bites.

    We also often discover carpet beetles on clothes moth jobs, as they thrive around the same food sources and in the same warm conditions. Luckily, the same treatments work for both, so we can kill two birds (or bugs) with one stone.

    Call us now for a free, no obligation carpet beetle survey

    Carpet beetles can go unseen for months, even years. Unfortunately, the way they’re usually discovered is by the damage they’ve done.

    If you want to destroy carpet beetles before they destroy your valuables, call us now for a free professional survey of your premises and any items inside. We will then provide you with a quote for their removal and proofing.

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    How we get rid of carpet beetles

    • Carpet beetles are Britain’s most destructive textile pest. The larvae, known as “woolly bears”, are covered in hair while adults are mottled brown and 2mm long.
    • Their detritus can cause an allergic reaction which looks similar to insect bites, and is often confused for a bedbug infestation.
    • Treatment is the same as for clothes moths: residual insecticides, fogging, fumigation, heat tents and freezing depending on the level of infestation.
    • We also remove any bird nests from the property, as they are a common source of carpet beetle infestation. Bird deterrents are also available if required.
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