A Little Bit About Environ Pest Control

A team photo of Environ Pest Control outside thier London, Fulham office

Ricky and Terry Clark were never afraid of creepy crawlies. As outdoorsy kids who loved weekend fishing and hunting trips with their dad, when it came time to choose a path in life, pest control was an obvious choice.

After completing their courses, the brothers went off on their own, each forming their own successful business. For years, brotherly competition pushed them to try and do better than each other, but eventually they combined their efforts to form the Environ you know today.

With a lifetime of experience between them, the Clark brothers have assembled a team of likeminded, highly trained pest controllers who take as much pride in their work as they do, whether they’re eradicating rats or busting bed bugs.

Thanks to their ‘get the job done and do it well’ attitude, Environ’s become a trusted name in private and commercial pest control, and their exploits were followed for six-part the BBC documentary series “The Rat Pack”.

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We'd been really messed around by other pest control 'experts'. After weeks of worry, five mins with the guys from Environ made us feel like we wer...

Madison Berry

Very friendly, & helping was very quick & good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

kathy John

Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done thank you Kathy john