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Pest proofing services in London: Your shield against rodents

At Environ Pest Control, we're experts in fortifying your spaces against unwelcome rodents, with a special focus on mice prevention. Mice are a common issue in urban settings, and our team is equipped with the latest pest proofing technologies and methods, tailored to your property's unique requirements.
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We’d been really messed around by other pest control ‘experts’. After weeks of worry, five mins with the guys from Environ made us feel like we wer…
Very friendly, and helping was very quick and good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done.

Our comprehensive approach ensures every potential access point is sealed, from tiny cracks to larger openings. We aim to create an impenetrable barrier around your space, effectively keeping mice and other rodents at bay.

For rat-related proofing, we adopt a thorough strategy that begins with an in-depth CCTV examination of your property's drainage system. Our trained engineers conduct this crucial investigation to determine if the drainage is the primary entry point for rats. By addressing this at the source, we ensure a more effective and lasting solution to rat infestations.

We take pride in our environmentally friendly methods. Our solutions are safe for you, your family, pets, and customers, incorporating a reactive programme to control the existing population of rodents followed by longer-term preventative proofing measures.

Choosing Environ Pest Control means selecting a service that's reliable and customised to your needs. We understand that each property has its own challenges, which is why we conduct a thorough assessment before suggesting the best strategy. We're more than just service providers; we're your partners in maintaining a clean and secure environment.

Invest in pest proofing to safeguard your health, safety, and peace of mind. Don't wait for an infestation to disrupt your life. With Environ Pest Control London, you're choosing a future free from rodent-related stress. Let us help you create a safe, pest-free haven.

Our service: Tailored to your needs

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Understanding that each property is unique, we offer bespoke pest proofing services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you own a residential home or operate a large commercial facility, our team has the skills and experience to effectively pest-proof your premises.

At Environ we pride ourselves on using materials that not only stop rodents in their tracks but are also durable and long-lasting. Our commitment to quality means you can rest assured that your investment in pest proofing is a wise and enduring one.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond just effective pest-proofing solutions. We understand the importance of seamless customer service throughout the entire process. From initial consultation to post-installation support, our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience with Environ is nothing short of exceptional. We prioritise your satisfaction, making sure every interaction is smooth, informative, and tailored to your needs. With us, you're not just a customer, you're a valued partner in safeguarding your property against pests.

Why choose us?

Rodents are not just a mere inconvenience; they can cause significant damage to your property and pose serious health risks. Our team of specialist pest proofers is equipped with the latest anti-gnaw materials and technologies, ensuring your space remains rodent-free. Based in the heart of London, we understand the unique challenges of pest proofing in the city and are prepared to address them head-on.

If you've got rodent problems or just want to stop them before they start, give us a shout. Call us at 020 3875 8225 or email [email protected]. We're here to keep your space safe from pests.

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Our pest proofing solutions

We employ a comprehensive approach to pest proofing, utilising a variety of materials and methods to secure your property:


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  • Draught Excluders for Doors: A simple yet effective first line of defence, keeping rodents from sneaking in underneath doors.
  • 6mm Meshing: Specifically designed to secure air bricks and other potential entry points, this fine mesh is impenetrable to rodents while maintaining airflow.
  • Specialist Rodent-Proof Silicones: These sealants are used to fill gaps and cracks, preventing rodents from gnawing their way into your property.
  • Excluder Material: This rodent-proof, malleable material is ideal for plugging holes and gaps of varying sizes, offering a flexible solution to pest proofing.
  • CCTV Drain Surveys: A critical step in rat proofing, our trained engineers conduct detailed inspections of the drainage system to identify and address entry points.
  • Custom-Fitted Grilles: Grills over air bricks and vents. This can include sealing off entry points, installing meshing over vents and air bricks

In conclusion, effective pest proofing is all about staying proactive and vigilant. By employing a variety of tools and strategies, such as sealing entry points and using deterrents, we're creating a robust defence against pests. Regular inspections and maintenance are also crucial in ensuring our efforts are not just temporary fixes but long-term solutions for a safe and pest-free environment.

Let's protect your property

Don't wait for a rodent problem to escalate. Protecting your property is easier and more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath of an infestation. Contact us today to learn more about our pest proofing services or to schedule a consultation. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in keeping your London property safe and rodent-free.

Your pest proofing questions answered

What exactly is pest proofing?

Pest proofing involves creating physical barriers and taking preventive measures to stop pests, especially rodents like mice and rats, from entering your home or business premises. This can include sealing off entry points, installing meshes over vents, and using repellents. For rat-related proofing, a detailed CCTV investigation of the drainage system is conducted to identify primary entry points.

How often should pest proofing be done?

Pest proofing is not just a one-time task; it should be part of your regular property maintenance. We recommend checking your pest proofing measures at least once a year, but more frequently if you are in a high-risk area for rodent infestations. Regular inspections ensure that any new potential entry points are identified and secured.

Can pest proofing guarantee that pests will never enter my property?

While pest proofing significantly reduces the chances of pests entering your property, no measure is 100% foolproof. However, consistent and thorough pest proofing, along with regular inspections, can make it extremely difficult for pests to find a way in, providing an effective long-term solution.

Is pest proofing safe for pets and children?

Yes, one of the benefits of pest proofing is that it uses mechanical and physical barriers to prevent pests, rather than relying on chemicals or toxins. This makes it a safer option for homes with pets and children, as there are no harmful substances used.

What's the difference between pest proofing and pest extermination?

Pest proofing is a preventive measure designed to keep pests out, while pest extermination involves dealing with pests that have already entered the property. Pest proofing is considered a more sustainable and long-term solution, focusing on prevention rather than cure, and is especially effective when combined with regular property maintenance and inspections.
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