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Mouse Proofing

If mice got into your home once, they’ll be able to do it again.

Mice are constantly searching for a potential nest or a free meal, and will relentlessly scout the perimeter of your property for any gaps they can squeeze through.
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Mouse Proofing
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We’d been really messed around by other pest control ‘experts’. After weeks of worry, five mins with the guys from Environ made us feel like we wer…
Very friendly, and helping was very quick and good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done.

Get Mice Out Your Home For Good with Professional Mouse Proofing

They can climb vertical surfaces, survive without water and cause severe and dangerous damage to property and belongings with their constantly growing, razor-sharp teeth, making them a stubborn and distressing pest.

Any mouse that got into your home would have also left an invisible trail of urine, which not only spreads disease but also paints a bright sign for other mice saying “warm home and free food this way!”

This is why DIY attempts to get rid of mice almost never work and pest “controllers” who just throw down traps and poison have no idea what they’re doing. Kill all the mice you like, their keen senses and acrobatic abilities will lead them back into your home again and again.

The only way to guarantee you won’t see mice in your house is to get professional mouse proofing, and we’re proud to say that Environ are the best and most trusted mouse controllers in London, used by homeowners, councils, landlords, international companies, beloved brands and anyone else bothered by these persistent pests.

How we mouse proof your home

Our mice proofing service starts with a complete, thorough, inside-out investigation of your property.

The first step is to inspect the to figure out how mice got inside your home in the first place. Typical paths inside are gaps under doors and windows, air bricks, drains, pipes and other service lines. Because mice are skilled climbers, this inspection needs to be from basement to roof.

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    If you’re in an adjoining property, above a shop or in a block of flats, we’ll also check for possible points of entry from your neighbours, who may have a mouse problem of their own which is spilling over into your home.

    Next we investigate the interior, searching every nook and cranny – from deep in wardrobes and attics to beneath radiators and cupboards – to find evidence of existing or potential mouse entry points.

    This is often given away by rice-sized droppings or smearing – greasy marks left over where mice have rubbed up against walls and floors – but some signs are invisible and require the use of ultraviolet lamps to reveal trails of urine that can lead us straight to hidden holes.

    Whatever we find will be photographed and presented to your in a detailed report which tells you exactly how mice are getting into your property, along with our recommendations for rodent proofing and how much it would cost you.

    Once you agree to our quote, we’ll arrange a convenient time for our BPCA certified mouse controllers to completely fortify your home against unwanted furry pests.

    Because the other half of Environ is property services, we have in-house tradespeople whose skill and attention to detail allow us to go above and beyond to mouse proof your home and leave it looking better than ever once we’re done, whether you need cupboards fixed, floorboards pulled up or skirting boards replaced.

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    Products we use:

    • Micromesh grills that don’t block air flow but are impossible for mice to gnaw through, perfect for blocking air bricks or any ventilation that you don’t want to seal up completely.
    • Professional grade brush strips to seal up gaps under doors, made from hard-wearing synthetic filaments specifically designed to stop rodents in their tracks.
    • Maleable, rodent-proof fillers made by Rat Pak, industry leaders in pest control. These fillers are impossible to gnaw through and just as sturdy as normal construction materials, completely sealing holes, gaps and cracks.


    Products we NEVER use:

    • Wire wool is often used in place of a proper gnaw-proof filler, but because of the oil used during manufacturing and the highly conductive metals it’s made of, wire wool has a nasty habit of setting fire to itself and should never be used in a building. In fact, it’s so flammable that campers sometimes use it as kindling!
    • We also never use expanding foam, as not only can mice easily chew through this flimsy material, it can also crack pipes when it expands, leaving you with even more problems than you started with. We often have to remove expanding foam used by prior pest controllers before we can install materials that actually do what’s promised.

    Once the job’s done, we’ll present you with a report that outlines all our work to mouse-proof your home, along with a guarantee that you won’t see, hear or smell another mouse in your home. This report also includes recommendations for how you can avoid encouraging mice in the future, such as secure bins and gnaw-proof containers for mouse favourites such as bags of pasta, rice, flour and pet food.

    Mouse proofing services

    If you want your home to be mouse-proofed by a born-and-bred London team of pest control technicians who have been keeping homes rodent-free for over 15 years, call us now or request your call back.

    How we mouse proof a property

    1. We perform a full site inspection to identify entry points, which can be as narrow as the width of a ballpoint pen.
    2. Fill any holes with a gnaw-proof fillers and cover air bricks and vents with micromesh grills – never use wire wool or expanding foam.
    3. Optionally cover the gaps beneath doors with professional grade brush strips.
    4. To prevent reinfestation, you should seal all foodstuffs in rodent-proof lockboxes.

    To get your home mouse-free and keep it that way, request your call back today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Seen a rat? Don't wait. Call now to request our emergency rat response service – a team of our best pest control experts and our trained rat catching Jack Russell.

    Do Rat Traps and Poisons Work?

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    Never use rat poison – you’ll create more problems than you solve

    Can Rat Just Disappear Without Me Doing Anything?

    If they’ve found a safe place to nest, then probably not. Once mice get comfortable, they’re there to stay. You would need to deprive them of their food source, however, this may come from an external source, not in your control.

    Why Do I Have Rats Scratching Under the Floorboards?

    Rats are known to be able to burrow five metres beneath the ground, though they usually only bother to burrow around half a metre.
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