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Squirrel Pest Control London – Humane, Fast and Effective

London’s abundance of parks and gardens makes it the ideal city for squirrels. They may be a welcome sight hopping from branch to branch, but they cause complete havoc if they get inside your home or business.

Attics are a favourite nesting space for squirrels as they’re sheltered and packed with insulation, which is the perfect nesting material to keep their babies warm.

This is also where, if you don’t sort them out, squirrels can cause huge damage and might even burn your building down.

Why you need to get squirrels out of your attic immediately

The good news is that squirrels don’t spread disease, the bad news is that they’re highly destructive.

In fact, a lot of the damage to wiring, timber and plaster which rats are blamed for is often caused by their fluffier relatives. They’re especially notorious for starting house fires by chewing through electrical cables.

Like rats, squirrels teeth continuously grow, and they will gnaw to wear them down. This gnawing can cause serious problems in attics as they can chew right through structural timbers.

If you don’t deal with them quickly, squirrels can cause thousands of pounds of structural damage and put your property at risk of roof collapse.

Squirrel removal with long-lasting squirrel control

We never use poisons for squirrels and the repellents you can find on the internet are nothing but a scam. The only way to get rid of squirrels is to humanely trap and remove them.

Once our BPCA-certified pest controllers have removed all squirrels from your premises, we’ll seal up any access points with gnaw-proof barriers or sealers.

If we discover any damage, we can arrange repairs with our tradespeople at Environ Property Services, who can also help us gain access to the attic if it’s blocked off.

We’ll also examine the area around your property to identify and remove routes squirrels may have taken to your home, such as branches of trees which are growing against your walls or roof.

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How we get rid of squirrels

  • Squirrels don’t spread disease, but they are highly destructive and their habit of gnawing electrical cables leads to fire hazards.
  • We never use poisons, squirrels are be trapped instead. It is illegal to release a trapped squirrel, so we have to humanely kill them.
  • After removing the squirrels, we can inspect your property and proof it against further infestation by sealing entry points.
  • Trees growing too close to your property provide squirrels with easy access to your roof, so keep surrounding trees pruned.

Squirrel Control Near Me

The sooner you sort out your squirrel infestation, the less you’ll have to pay repairing their damage. Call us now or request your call back to get in touch with our pest control experts.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels?

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels: Left to their own devices, squirrels can chew through structural timber, putting the integrity of your house in danger and landing you with expensive repairs.

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