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If you see a cockroach, you need to take it seriously, call a cockroach exterminator.

Cockroaches aren’t just nocturnal, they hate light. As soon as you shine a light on them they’ll speed off to the nearest shadow. This means they can remain hidden in a home or business while their population secretly grows into a full blown infestation.

Pest control for cockroaches in homes

If you’ve spotted even just one cockroach, you can assume there’s many more – perhaps hundreds – hiding beneath your kitchen units, washing machine or dish washer, or in cracks, crevices and cavity walls.

If they stayed out of site and fed on scraps, cockroaches might not be so bad, but because they drag their bellies through the dirtiest parts of a building and feed on filth, their bodies can become vehicles for disease, and are notorious for spreading salmonella bacteria as they scurry around your kitchen surfaces or sneak inside your cupboards.

Pest control for cockroaches in restaurants

Not only are cockroaches a health hazard, if you’re running a restaurant or hotel, the sight of cockroaches can severely damage your reputation with customers. Even though cockroach infestations are more down to bad luck rather than being dirty, if people see cockroaches, they’ll assume you’re not taking care of your hygiene.

Cockroach Pest Control Services

Only a professional pest control investigation can identity the extent of a cockroach infestation and root out their hidden homes. You might manage to kill a few cockroaches with shop-bought poisons and insecticides, but without attacking them at their source, their rapid breeding rate means they’ll replenish their population in no time.

Our cockroach treatment involves a site inspection, monitoring of the infestation, residual insecticides and hormonal gels for long term extermination and population control.

How to identify a cockroach

There are four known cockroach species in London: the German, Oriental, American and banded, with the German and Oriental being the most common.

German cockroach

Length: 12-16mm
Features: Wings slightly longer than body
Colour: Light or dark brown with two black stripes along wings
Behaviour: Very fast runner and climber, seeks out dark places

The most common type of cockroach in London, this small cockroach is a stubborn, invasive pest that thrives in the warmth and ample food found in homes, hotels, restaurants and offices.

As they have no tolerance for cold, we often find them breeding nearby hot water pipes or behind refrigerators or dish washers that can provide them a steady supply of warmth for them to breed comfortably.

Their speed and climbing ability allows them to disappear as soon as lights are turned on, allowing them to remain hidden in a home or business for weeks or even months before one is ever spotted.

They’re often too fast to be able to get a good look at them, but if you turn on the lights and see a small brown insect speeding out of sight, it’s probably a German cockroach.

Oriental cockroach

Length: 22-30mm
Features: Females have short wings, males long wings, around 2/3 of body length
Colour: Shiny black or brown
Behaviour: Fast crawler, spreads chemicals with a musty odour

The larger, darker and slower Oriental cockroach is a more intimidating and easy to spot pest than its German cousin. While they lack the speed and climbing ability of a German cockroach, their nocturnal nature still allows them to thrive in a home or business undetected.

Oriental cockroaches have a preference for dark, damp locations, so they’re often found in sewers, drains, basements or outside a property in leaf piles where they like to feed on moist, decaying organic matter.

Unlike German cockroaches, the eggs cases of Oriental cockroaches are large enough to be spotted by the naked eye, around 8-10mm with a dark brown colour, and they’re often what gives away an infestation.

Each case contains 16 eggs, so if you spot one you need to take action to prevent the infestation increasing in your premises or spreading to your neighbours.

DIY solutions are ineffective at controlling a cockroach infestation, if you can even find them.

Call Environ now or request your call back to book your appointment with our cockroach extermination team and get rid of these dirty, sneaky pests – for good.

How we treat cockroaches

  1. We perform a thorough site inspection to find points of entry, food sources and nests – cockroaches hide in tiny cracks and are hard to find.
  2. Spray the nests with professional insecticides and apply hormonal gels for long term extermination and control.
  3. You should make the environment inhospitable for cockroaches by filling in cracks and securing food in tightly sealed containers.

Cockroach Pest Control Near Me

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