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Can Mice Just Disappear Without Me Doing Anything?

If you’ve spotted a mouse if your home, you might hope that you can just sit back and wait for them to go away by themselves. But this is the worst thing you can do: before you know it, that one mouse will become a massive, hungry family.

Once mice get comfortable in your home, they’re there to stay. All mice need to thrive is a regular food source (which is easy, because they’re tiny and will eat anything) and a safe place to nest. They can also get enough moisture from food to survive without water, unlike rats.

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Mice won’t disappear by themselves

Unless you change your habits to deprive mice of their food, wipe out the existing population and proof your property to stop them coming back, you’ll always be sharing your home with disease-spreading, food-stealing mice.

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Will mice go away by themselves?

  • No. If you don’t get rid of their food source and rodent-proof your property, they’ll keep coming back.
  • Mice are social creatures with large families. There’s never just one mouse, and they breed rapidly.
  • Squeamish about killing mice? Remember that they spread diseases, particularly endangering the young and old.

If you do decide to take action against mice, you can’t half-arse it. There are three steps to effective mouse control, all of which must be carried out thoroughly.

  1. Deprive mice of their food source: Put all food within reach of mice in gnaw-proof containers, especially mouse favourites like pasta, rice, flour and pet food. Seal up gaps in your kitchen where crumbs and other bits of food can gather.
  2. Kill all mice in your home: There’s never just one mouse, and all it takes is a single breeding pair to start a family dozens-strong. DIY methods such as mouse traps can work, but professional extermination is far more effective.
  3. Seal up all mouse holes: You can wipe out your mice one year but if you don’t proof your home they’ll be back the next. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a ballpoint pen, so you need a sharp eye to find every point of entry.

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    While step one can and should be done yourself, steps two and three almost always require help from professionals such as us.

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