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Pest Control Near Me

Anyone can throw down some poison and hope for the best; it takes real pest controllers to completely wipe out your infestation, identify the cause and make sure it doesn’t come back.

We offer effective, one-off treatments for all common (and some not-so-common) pests as well as long term contracts for preventative, integrated pest management.

To book your pest control appointment, call us now or request your call back.


Clothes moths wreck wardrobes and chew through carpets, causing millions of pounds of damage to homes and businesses. DIY treatments are a waste of money – only professional clothes moth extermination can guarantee to wipe them out.

Every clothes moth infestation is unique, so we offer a bespoke service including residual sprays, fumigation, carpet removal and heat treatment depending on the nature and extent of the infestation.

To learn more about our guaranteed moth extermination, call us now or request your call back.


Mice breed rapidly, spread disease and can squeeze through holes the width of a ballpoint pen. You might manage to kill a few mice, but keeping them gone for good is notoriously difficult.

For us, it’s easy. Our proven, three-stage process of ‘Investigate, Exterminate and Control’ has kept London’s homes and businesses mouse-free for over two decades.

Sick of mice coming back again and again? Call us now or request your call back to get rid of them, for good.


Pigeons foul property and expose you to devastating diseases. If they’re roosting or nesting in your building, you need to take it just as seriously as you would a rat or mouse infestation.

There’s no effective way to reduce pigeon populations, so our treatment focuses on control through removal of food sources and the use of deterrents such as pigeon spikes, pigeon netting and pigeon wire.

Want to say farewell to flying rats? Call us now or request your call back.


Don’t be fooled by their fluff: if squirrels get into your property, their constant need to chew will tear through timber and cables, causing structural damage and even starting fires.

The law on grey squirrels is that you can’t poison them, and if you trap them, you have to humanely kill them. If squirrels are in your property, it’s a job best left to professionals.

Book your squirrel extermination and proofing now by calling us or requesting your call back.


Wasps are the worst thing about British summer. A nest in your attic or garden can make your life miserable, but under no circumstances should you try and destroy one yourself.

Our professional pest controllers always use full protective gear when removing wasp nests, and use insecticide powders which destroys the hive without having to get close to the nest.

We provide an emergency same day response for wasp nests. Book yours now by calling or requesting your call back.


All rat infestations need to be treated as an emergency. Rats spread disease and damage property, but trying to poison one might leave you with a dead rat in the walls – which can be an even worse problem than a live one.

If there is currently a rat in your property, we can provide immediate extermination with our rat-catching dog. Afterwards, we’ll proof the premises against any further infestation.

Get in touch with our rat exterminators now by calling or requesting your call back.

Bed Bugs

No infestation is more upsetting than beg bugs. These tiny, stubborn pests spread rapidly through furniture, and there is no way no get rid of them other than with professional extermination.

We provide three visits which combine fumigation, residual powders and direct application of pesticides to make sure bed bugs are wiped out throughout your home or business at every stage of their lifecycle.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite, call us now or request your call back for guaranteed extermination.


Cockroaches are agile, sneaky and hate the light. By the time one’s been caught out in the open, they’ve probably already heavily infested the dark crevices of your property.

The first part of our cockroach extermination is a thorough inspection to identify all current and potential sites of infestation, followed by specialist insecticides the cockroaches carry back to their nests.

Get rid of your roaches by calling us now or request your call back.


It doesn’t matter how many ants you squash or spray. If you don’t seal up their paths into your property and wipe out their nest, they’ll keep finding their way inside.

We provide rapid extermination of garden ant nests as well as a number of exotic, hard-to-treat ants that have been introduced into London, such as pharaoh, ghost, Argentine and carpenter ants.

Call us now or request your call back and we’ll wipe out your unwanted invaders.

Restaurant Pest Control Near Me

Many businesses can keep their doors open while we deal with their pest problem, but restaurants are another story. Pests can ruin your stock, scare off your customers and even shut you down.

If you’re a restaurant, you can’t just deal with pests when they pop up, you need to enact long-term, preventative measures.

Our integrated pest management service makes us a key part of your operations, so that we can identity and resolve any risks of infestation, and quickly wipe out any that appear before they become a serious issue.

Call us now or request your call back to discuss how we can keep your restaurant pest-free, your staff safe and your customers happy.

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Very friendly, & helping was very quick & good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

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Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done thank you Kathy john