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Professional Pest Sanitisation Service in London

A pest controller who doesn’t also provide a sanitisation service can’t fully protect you, your family, your customers or your staff against disease.

We recommend that all rodent control treatments are followed by a thorough sanitisation service to disinfect your premises and belongings of all rodent-borne bacteria and viruses.

How do you protect my home or business from rodent-borne disease?

First, we thoroughly inspect your premises to identify any hard to access areas where rodents may have been present. Any droppings or build up of urine will be safely removed and destroyed.

We then use a people and pet safe cleaner to disinfect any surfaces, furniture or belongings which may have come into contact with rodents.

Your property then needs to be sealed and vacated for the recommended time (usually a few hours) to allow the disinfectant to completely eradicate any bacteria or viruses.

You can then return to using your property as normal. Our pest disinfectant is safe for people and pets, with the exception of fish and reptiles, which will need to be relocated while we perform the sanitisation service.

Pest Control After Clean Service in London

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How do rats and mice spread disease?

Rats and mice are incontinent, meaning they constantly urinate as they crawl around your home or business. UV light reveals these urine trails, but they’re almost invisible to the naked eye.

This means that sweeping up their droppings and cleaning around them isn’t enough. Anywhere rodents have been present needs to be thoroughly cleaned with products specifically designed to eradicate the diseases they carry.

Rats and mice are also capable of squeezing into tight spaces that you might not be able to access, or even be aware of. Our pest sanitisation service goes far deeper than a surface-level clean, into hard to reach spaces beneath kitchen units or behind appliances.

What diseases are spread by rats and mice?


One of the most common harmful food borne bacteria, salmonella can also be carried by rodents across kitchen surfaces. Rats are especially potent carriers as they may swim through salmonella infested water before entering the home.


This bacterial infection is most commonly spread by rodents, specifically their urine. In mild infections it causes headaches, muscle pains and fevers, while severe infections can cause bleeding lungs and meningitis.

Weil’s disease

An advanced and rare form of leptospirosis, causing yellowing of the skin, kidney damage and bleeding.

Rat bite fever

Spread by bacteria found in rat urine and secretions, rat bite fever can cause rashes, fever, vomiting, headache and skin ulcers. The most common way it spreads is through a bite, hence the name.


Rodents are immune to hantavirus, but when it spreads to people, the results can be deadly. Symptoms include intense pain, fever and kidney failure. Nearly all cases of hantavirus have been as a result of people coming into contact with rodent faeces.

Pest Prevention for London Restaurants

  • We provide safe and professional extermination and prevention of mice, rats, cockroaches, ants and all other restaurant pests.
  • Our Integrated Pest Management combines pest-proofing, regular site inspections and staff training for robust prevention.
  • Amateur use of pesticides can result in chemical contamination of food. If they need to be used, hire a professional pest controller.
  • Failure to prevent pest infestation not only damages your reputation, it puts staff and customers at risk and could shut you down.

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If you have recently had rodents in your property, it’s essential that you have it thoroughly sanitised against the diseases they carry.
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