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Effective and Affordable Pest Control Services in London

Protect your home and purge your pests with guaranteed pest control in London.

Pests damage property and spread disease, putting you, your family, your pets, and your belongings at risk. From invisible insects to ravenous rats and pesky pigeons, we’ve never met a pest that we can’t get out of your home, and keep out.

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Effective and Affordable Pest Control Services in London
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We Care About Our Clients' Experiences

We’d been really messed around by other pest control ‘experts’. After weeks of worry, five mins with the guys from Environ made us feel like we wer…
Very friendly, and helping was very quick and good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done.

Proper London Pest Control, Not Just Whack-a-Mole

Any cowboy with some poison can kill a mouse, but if all they do is kill your pests, you’ll be paying them to come back year after year. The difference with Environ Pest Control London’s services is that we don’t just kill pests, we control them – we don’t just treat the symptoms, we cure the disease.

Pest Control Experts

Proper pest control requires real detective work: it’s no good just identifying the pest, we also need to figure out how they snuck into your home and how they’ve survived and thrived. This requires a team of BPCA-certified operatives, high-tech equipment, and sometimes Kimba, our Jack Russell.

Pest Control in London, by Londoners, for Londoners

This is a diverse and thriving city for people, and equally diverse and thriving in terms of pests. Rats and mice, pigeons and foxes, moths and bedbugs — pest exterminators in London need to be prepared for anything, anywhere.

After over two decades as a reliable pest control services provider, you’d think we’ve seen it all, but we keep encountering new challenges, from luxury yachts to cat emporiums. What separates us from the countless cowboy pest control companies in London is that we’re always prepared for what the city throws at us, and always get results.

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    Seasonal Pests

    Find out more about pest problems.

    A Pest Control Company You Can Trust

    Environ Pest Control London is a family-run company with a walk-in Fulham office. The faces you see on our site are the same people who you’ll be dealing with – we never sub out our work, we’re all part of one team united by people-first values and a dedication to getting the job done.

    This means that we don’t just tick boxes and take photos, we talk to you so that we can understand everything you’ve experienced with the infestation so we can tailor our treatment around you.

    Being a born and bred London company means that we’ve seen every type of pest in every type of property for every type of client. From mansions to council flats, from yachts to barns, if someone’s made it home, we’ve made it pest-free.

    We’ve been featured on television, radio, and newspapers to share our knowledge on pest removal and all other aspects of pest ecology.

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    Extermination, Repair, and Control – All Under One Roof

    Discreet emergency pest control is one face of Environ, the other is property services. This means that we can go to any lengths to find, kill and repel pests in your home while still treating it with the care that it deserves.

    If you need floorboards pulled up, we have floorers that will replace them squeak-free; if you need kitchen units removed, our carpenters will put them back good as new — or better. Carpet fitters, drainage experts, painters, and plasterers. You won’t have to hire four or five different people to get a complete service, we do it all under one roof, in one contract, for one price.

    Emergency Pest Control

    We offer same-day pest control treatments for emergencies in your home or business. If you spot a rat, we can dispatch our rat-catching dog which is usually able to remove a rat within minutes.

    We also offer overnight ‘blitz’ treatments for mice using glue boards. Those have an immediate effect on reducing infestation levels, and are particularly useful for hospitality businesses.


    Who hasn’t seen a mouse in London? These tiny, rapid-breeding pests are just as at home in our Victorian buildings and bustling businesses as we are.

    If mice found their way into your property once, they can do it again. That’s why we don’t just exterminate mice, we provide thorough proofing to stop them ever coming back. You can’t go wrong with our pest control for mice.


    Rats thrive in our vast sewers, creeping into our homes and businesses to steal food, damage property, and spread disease.

    Every rat sighting is an emergency. Our rat-catching dogs will quickly dispatch any live rats on your property, while our trapping and proofing rat pest control service will make sure you never see another.


    Clothes moths are a growing plague in London, leaving clothes, carpets, and furniture in tatters as their larvae chew through our natural fabrics.

    DIY moth treatment is barely effective, and many moth “killers” found online are a scam. The only solution is a thorough moth fumigation service to exterminate all eggs, larvae, and adults throughout the property.

    Bed Bugs

    No infestation is more upsetting than bed bugs. These sneaky, microscopic biters infest furniture so deeply that often the only option is to throw it away.

    You can’t compromise on bed bug removal; leave just a few eggs and they could spread again. Over three visits using both fumigation and direct application of pesticides, we will wipe out bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle.


    Cockroaches cram their nests in cracks and crevices and only come out at night, so by the time you’ve seen one, there could be a whole hidden family of filth-spreading insects.

    These stubborn, sneaky pests are notoriously difficult to get rid of in London, but with our specialist insecticides and trained eyes, we can eradicate roaches no matter where they hide.


    From the common black garden ant to their newly-introduced exotic cousins, ants are London’s most widespread nuisance pest.

    Ants breed faster than you can kill them. The only way to get rid of ants for good is to find and destroy their nest and the egg-laying queen within – a job best left to the experts.

    Business Pest Control

    If you run a business, you can’t afford for pests to show up before you take action. Mice scurrying through a restaurant or bedbugs biting in a hotel can repel customers and ruin your reputation.

    Integrated Pest Management is a long-term, preventative service that identifies and resolves risks of pests throughout your sites and operations with regular, scheduled visits from your pest control experts.

    We train your staff, monitor your waste management, inspect your deliveries, proof your properties and do whatever else it takes to keep your business pest-free, year-round.

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    Whatever part of the city is yours, Environ’s pest control services will keep it pest-free

    Pests don’t discriminate, so neither do we. Our pest control technicians work in every corner of London, from mansions to council flats, from local markets to luxury boutiques. No matter where you live in London or your scale of business, our promise remains the same: you’ll be pest-free, and stay that way.

    Pest Control Near Me

    So, if mice are driving or mad or moths are munching your clothes, if rats are ruining your kitchen or bed bugs are bleeding you dry, call Environ Pest Control London now on 0203 875 8225 or request your call back for the best pest control in London. For more updates, you can also check out Environ Pest Control London blog!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much should pest control cost?

    HomeAdvisor puts the average cost of a one-off pest control service at between £223 and £410. The cost of dealing with a small infestation or a yearly inspection to prevent pests returning generally costs around £223 to £372, similar to a single-visit treatment.

    Why is pest control so expensive?

    General pest control services include protection against typical home pests like spiders, cockroaches, and ants, but treating areas for pests like termites and rats increases the cost because more sophisticated materials and methods are needed, particularly if you’re looking for emergency pest control. The service cost may also include any required repairs, which can also push up the price.

    How often should pest control be done?

    If you are looking for cockroach control regularly, for instance, we advise treating your home once every quarter. But if you have noticed a sudden pest infestation in your home, it’s best to hire experts immediately.

    Is professional pest control safe?

    The majority of pest control chemicals used will be completely safe for you, your family, and even pets. However, they must always be handled with care by someone who has been trained in the use of them to ensure safety isn’t compromised.

    When is the best time to do pest control?

    Hiring routine services such as rat control for your home is best done in the early spring. Spraying in the spring gives the opportunity of destroying nests and colonies when pest numbers are low. Less treatment is required, and the treatment that is offered tends to be more effective and longer-lasting.

    What is pest control, and why is it important?

    Many people look for ‘pest control near me’ to protect their families or building users and property from dangerous insects that could harm public health and cause costly damage to the fabric of buildings. Left untreated, the problem can magnify and become more expensive to deal with.

    What are the benefits of pest control?

    • Accurate pest identification. Without identifying the problem accurately, you can’t address it adequately.
    • Discovering the source. Experts can locate the origins of the pest problem, deal with it at source and prevent it from spreading around a property or recurring.
    • Protecting health. Pest control addresses and prevents any health hazards that might occur from a serious pest infestation.

    Why do I see more bugs after pest control?

    You’ll typically see this because, as the pesticide is applied, pests rush out of their hiding places in an attempt to escape from it. This is only a short-term effect, however, because the chemicals used by pest control services will eradicate the creatures once they exit their nesting places.

    What does pest control include?

    A competent pest control business will offer you sound advice on how to clear insects, rodents, birds and more from your property. They will also provide practical solutions that will keep these pests away. This might include sealing off nesting sites and advising on how to store rubbish that typically attracts pests in future.

    How long does pest control last?

    Mild pest control tends to take around three weeks to implement successfully, while extreme pest management treatments may take 90 days or more. The timeframe of the treatment will vary depending on the kinds of pest control employed. In most cases, solutions should be permanent provided all advice is followed on how to prevent recurrences.

    Top Tips for Choosing Pest Control Company

    Here are some tips for hiring the best local pest control company:


    Search local business directories for service providers and carry out research on each one, including checking testimonials from past clients.


    Make sure the company you choose holds the right accreditation and certifications. For example, they should have undergone training and be qualified in General Pest Control (a Level 2 Pest Management qualification, for instance). They must also be licensed to use pesticides as these are potentially dangerous chemicals.


    Whether you need a wasps’ nest removed or are looking for pest control for mice, you need to know the company you’re using has the proper expertise. Begin by looking at how long the firm has been operating. If they’ve been around for a long time, they’re probably familiar with all aspects of pest control and management and are more likely to be offering high-quality services.

    Pest Control: One Way to Have Better Sleep

    Few people actively like insects, rodents and other pests, and some people even have phobias about them. Worrying about an insect or other form of infestation can cause sleepless nights in itself. You may be concerned that your property is being damaged or your health and that of your family are being harmed. More than that, some forms of infestation – such as rodents or squirrels – can actually cause a significant amount of noise, especially at night when it’s quiet and these creatures tend to be more active.

    Lack of sleep can cause stress and a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. So, if you take steps to deal with any infestation at the first signs of trouble, such as rodent or ant control, this will not only resolve the problem by removing the pest but will also contribute to better nights’ sleep in future.

    Choosing a Pest Control Company

    Dealing with an infestation yourself might not be practical as you’re unlikely to have the expertise and access to the right equipment to adequately remove the pest completely. You therefore need to hire the experts.

    While everyone is on a budget and wants the best value for money, it’s often not worth compromising by choosing the cheapest service provider you can find. Remember, most pests can cause considerable damage to your belongings, your health and even the fabric of your home. So, money spent on a professional service is money well spent.

    Look for a firm that has specific experience in the pest you need to get rid of. For instance, you may need moth control or removal of wasps’ nests. Check for reviews from past customers who have had similar issues, and also insist on seeing any professional accreditations and qualifications their staff have. Ask them how they intend to remove the problem for you and what action they will take. Also, ask if their services are guaranteed and what recourse you have if the problem recurs.

    Finding the Warning Signs of Pests

    Here are the places pest infestations often occur:

    The kitchen. Pipes provide pests with entry points, as will open windows and doors in summer. Pests are attracted by the smell of food, so the kitchen is an obvious place to start looking. Check the packaging of products that are stored at ground level for signs of gnawing, for instance. Also, remove kickboards under counters and look for droppings or bad smells.

    Anywhere that you have appliances. Pests are also attracted by the warmer temperatures inside when it’s cold outside but are typically shy. They’ll therefore often settle in quiet spots like closets, laundry rooms, utility rooms, basements, or attics, which are all areas where there’s less foot traffic but possible access points from outside. Check these areas for signs of infestation on a regular basis.

    If you think you have a problem needing fumigation services or other forms of pest control in either a business or residential property, talk to our specialists today to find out how we could help.

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