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Pest control London

Pests damage property and spread disease, putting you, your family, your pets and belongings at risk. From invisible insects to ravenous rats and pesky pigeons, we’ve never met a pest that we can’t get out of your home, and keep out.

Proper Pest Control, Not Just Whack-a-Mole

Any cowboy with some poison can kill a mouse, but if all they do is kill your pests, you’ll be paying them to come back year after year. The Environ difference is that we don’t just kill pests, we control them – we don’t just treat the symptoms, we cure the disease.

Proper pest control requires real detective work: it’s no good just to identify the pest, we also need to figure out how they snuck into your home and how they’ve survived and thrived. This requires a team of BPCA-certified operatives, high-tech equipment and sometimes Kimba, our Jack Russell.

Extermination, Repair and Control – All Under One Roof

Pest control is one face of Environ, the other is property services. This means that we can go to any lengths to find, kill and repel pests in your home while still treating it with the care that it deserves.

If you need floorboards pulled up, we have floorers that will replace them squeak-free; if you need kitchen units removed, our carpenters will put them back good as new — or better. Carpet fitters, drainage experts, painters and plasterers. You won’t have to hire four or five different people to get a complete service, we do it all under one roof, in one contract, for one price.

Born and Bred in London

Environ is a family-run company with a walk-in Fulham office. The faces you see on our site are the same people who you’ll be dealing with – we never sub out our work, we’re all part of one team united by people-first values and a dedication to getting the job done.

This means that we don’t just tick boxes and take photos, we talk to you so that we can understand everything you’ve experienced with the infestation so we can tailor our treatment around you.

Being a born and bred London company means that we’ve seen every type of pest in every type of property for every type of client. From mansions to council flats, from yachts to barns, if someone’s made it a home, we’ve made it pest-free.

To get your home pest-free and keep it that way, request your call back to book your treatment now.

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We'd been really messed around by other pest control 'experts'. After weeks of worry, five mins with the guys from Environ made us feel like we wer...

Madison Berry

Very friendly, & helping was very quick & good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

kathy John

Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done thank you Kathy john