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How coatings are revolutionising pest control

Pests can be a real problem, no matter if the infestation is in your home, garden, or business. To combat this issue, pest control professionals have been using traditional treatments such as sprays and poisons for decades. But now there is a new technology that has proven to be more effective and safer than ever before - coatings! Let’s take a look at how coatings are revolutionising the pest control industry.

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What is coating? 

Coating is a type of liquid that is applied to surfaces in order to repel pests from entering the area. It forms an invisible barrier between the treated surface and pests, making it impossible for them to enter or remain within the space. The coating creates an environment where pests cannot survive because they cannot feed on it or gain access to food sources. This makes it particularly effective against crawling insects and rodents. 

How do coatings work? 

Coatings work by providing physical barriers that prevent pests from entering the area. Most coatings are composed of silicone-based polymers that form a continuous layer when applied correctly. This layer acts as a shield against insects, spiders, and other intruders which attempt to breach the perimeter. Additionally, some coatings contain active ingredients designed specifically to target certain types of pests (such as ants). These active ingredients work together with the physical barrier to create a powerful deterrent effect that keeps out unwanted visitors while still allowing humans safe access to the space. 

Benefits of coating compared with traditional treatments 

The primary benefit of coatings is safety - while unattractive to pests, these coatings are non-toxic, so they don’t pose any risks to humans or pets when used properly. They also provide longer-lasting protection than sprays or traps because their effects last for months rather than days or weeks. Finally, coatings require less frequent reapplication than traditional treatments due to their strong repellent properties; once applied, they continue working until they wear off naturally over time.

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    Coatings are quickly becoming an essential tool in pest control thanks to their effectiveness and safety benefits compared with traditional treatments such as sprays or traps. They provide long-lasting protection from crawling insects and rodents without posing any risk to humans or pets when used properly. If you’re looking for an efficient way to keep unwanted guests out of your home or business, then coatings might just be your perfect solution!

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    For more than 20 years, Environ Pest Control London has been providing top-quality, cost-effective pest control services throughout the London area. Dedicated to offering our customers the best possible service, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any situation, from an infestation by one rat to an entire building infested with cockroaches. We are confident that we can offer effective services to any customer.

    You can rest assured that our company uses only eco-friendly products, which will leave your home or place of business in a usable, safe condition soon after it has been cleared.

    Pest Control: Everything you need to know!

    Can I do the pest control myself?

    Yes, to some extent. Pests come in many forms and can be removed in many ways. It is crucial to identify the type of pest you’re dealing with and then decide on an appropriate control method.

    The most common pests found in homes are ants, cockroaches, rodents, and spiders. Traps, bait, repellents, and pesticides are all methods of getting rid of them. When using any form of pest control, it is very important to read the label carefully and follow all safety precautions to avoid health risks.

    Nevertheless, if you are worried about dealing with the issues on your own, or if you need to figure out the type of pest you have, then it is best to hire a professional pest control company to help you out. They will be able to identify the nature of your infestation and with their expertise, recommend the best method for treating it.

    Is it worth paying for pest control services?

    The cost of paying someone to remove an infestation is well worth it because most people don’t want to deal with pests. You can also rest assured that the job is done right and that you will be pest-free in your home for a significant time to come. At Environ Pest Control London, we are committed to only using eco-friendly solutions that will not put the health of your family or pets at risk.

    Is it necessary to treat the house for pests regularly?

    Depending on the type of pest control you are using and the level of infestation, it will vary. Generally speaking, the most efficient way to control pests is to treat them quarterly. The treatment may need to be repeated more frequently if you have a serious infestation. The best way to prevent and control pest infestations is to consult with a professional before beginning any kind of pest control protocol.

    If pest control experts have been, what should I do next?

    It is very important to keep your home clean and clutter-free after your pest control expert has visited your home. To avoid the recurrence of any pests, it is important to do this diligently. Make sure you vacuum, sweep regularly and take out your household rubbish often. In your home, if there are any places where pests may routinely hide (like under the sink or behind the refrigerator), make sure that you clean those areas regularly as well.

    Exactly how much does it cost to hire a pest control service?

    This depends on the size of your home, the type of pest you have infested your home, and the extent of the infestation. It should be noted that most people will spend between GBP100 and GBP300 if a pest control service comes out for a single visit. Some services also offer monthly or quarterly contracts that can save you money in the long run. To get an accurate quote, don't hesitate to talk to one of our staff. If you provide us with some information, we will be able to give you a free quotation.

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