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Eco-friendly pest control: Safe methods for a healthy home

Pests can be annoying and destructive, but pest control doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Eco-friendly pest control is a safe and effective way to keep your home, family, and the environment secure from pests. Read on to learn more about eco-friendly pest control methods and why they are important.

eco friendly pest control
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Very friendly, and helping was very quick and good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done.

Identifying pests

Identifying the type of pest you're dealing with is the first step in eco-friendly pest management. Different pests necessitate different treatments, therefore it's critical to correctly identify what you’re dealing with before deciding on a course of action. Once you've determined what kind of creature has invaded your property, you can research their habits and life cycles to better understand how to deal with them.


The best way to deal with any kind of pest is through prevention rather than intervention. If you make sure that your home is not inviting pests in any way, then the chances are good that they won’t bother coming inside in the first place. This means sealing entry points such as gaps around windows or doors, keeping food sealed tight or preferably stored away in containers, and avoiding leaving standing water outside your home. Making sure that there are no opportunities for pests can go a long way towards eliminating any potential problems before they even begin.

Non-toxic solutions

When it comes to getting rid of existing infestations, there are many non-toxic solutions available that will help get rid of the problem without damaging the environment or posing a risk to your health or safety. These include using natural repellents such as essential oils or herbs like mint or garlic, setting traps for larger pests like mice or rats, sealing up cracks where bugs might be entering from outside, and installing screens over windows and doors as well as vents leading outdoors. All these measures can help eliminate existing infestations without resorting to hazardous chemicals or pesticides which could potentially do more harm than good if used improperly.

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    Eco-friendly pest control protects your house and the environment from pests without using harmful chemicals. By correctly identifying pests, avoiding making your home attractive to infestations by removing foodstuffs and standing water around your home, using natural repellents, setting traps for larger animals, and using screens over windows and doors, you can keep yourself safe while still treating any existing infestation.

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    If you have been seeking a pest control service in London to help you with your infestation, you have come to the right place. The team at Environ Pest Control London is here to help you get rid of all your pests and ensure that they won't return.

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    A pest control company you can trust - Environ Pest Control London

    For more than 20 years, Environ Pest Control London has been providing top-quality, cost-effective pest control services throughout the London area. Whether you have a rat infestation or an entire building overrun with cockroaches, we are dedicated to offering you the best attention and services available, and we pride ourselves on being able to handle any situation, no matter how large or small.

    To ensure that your home or place of business remains safe and secure, we use only environmentally friendly products, so you can rest assured that our work will not adversely affect your home or place of work.

    Pest Control: Everything you need to know!

    If I do it myself, can I control pests?

    Yes, without a doubt. Different pests can be controlled in various methods. The most important thing is to identify the pest and then select the best control approach for it. Ants, cockroaches, rats, spiders, and mice are some of the most frequent pests encountered in homes. Pesticides, traps, bait, and repellents are just a few of the options available to get rid of them. When utilising various forms of pest management substances, it is critical to thoroughly read the label and follow all of the safety recommendations.

    If you are concerned about tackling the situation yourself, or if you are unsure what type of pest you are dealing with, it may be a better option to contact a pest control firm rather than attempting to fix it yourself. They will be able to identify the problem and offer the best treatment approach.

    In the long run, is it worth paying for pest control services?

    Of course! No one wants to deal with pests, and it's worth paying to have someone else take care of the problem. Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that the job is done right and that you will be free from pests for the foreseeable future as a result of their treatment. And at Environ Pest Control London, we only use eco-friendly solutions that will not put your family or pets at risk.

    If you’re going to do pest control, how often should you do it?

    In terms of frequency, it depends on both the type of pest control you use and the level of infestation that you have. According to most experts, quarterly treatments are the best way to tackle general pest control issues. You may need to treat the problem more frequently if you have a serious infestation on your hands. Consult a professional on pest control before starting any kind of treatment.

    In the aftermath of the pest control company’s visit, what should I do?

    Once your pest control expert has visited your home, it is important that you keep it clean and clutter-free afterwards. As a result, pests will be less likely to come back to your house in the future. Make sure that you vacuum regularly, sweep often, and dispose of your household waste on a regular basis. If there are any areas in your home where pests are likely to hide (like under the sink or behind the refrigerator), make sure to clean those areas as well on a regular basis.

    Exactly how much does it cost to hire a pest control service?

    As far as the cost is concerned, it is typically based on your home's size, the type of pest, and the extent of the infestation. Also, you may find that some services offer monthly or quarterly contracts with the potential to save you money over the long run. To obtain an accurate quote, please contact one of our staff members to discuss your needs. If you provide us with some background information, we will be able to give you a free quotation.

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