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Does My Restuarant Need A Pest Control Contract?

No business is more vulnerable to pest infestation than a restaurant. If you want to protect your customers, your staff and your reputation, you need a long term solution to pest control.

Failing to do so won’t just hurt your bottom line, it could land you on the wrong side of the law.

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Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done.

What are the legal requirements for restaurant pest control?

You have a legal requirement to have “adequate procedures” in place to ensure pests are controlled. The best way to do this is to hire a professional, BPCA-certified pest control company, as is recommended by the Food Standards Agency.

If a food safety officer finds evidence of pest infestation in your restaurant, they might lower your Food Hygiene Rating or, in extreme cases, require you to shut down until improvements are made.

On the other hand, if you can provide evidence of active measures taken to prevent pest infestation and detailed documentation of methods used, the food safety officer will leave happy.

Beyond the legal requirements, in the age of online reviews, mice scurrying along skirting boards or flies buzzing around the kitchen can have a disastrous impact on your reputation, especially in the highly competitive London restaurant scene.

Why should a restaurant use a professional pest control contractor?

Achieving thorough pest control without professional help might be possible, but it’s as likely to have success as asking us to cook your menu.

Pest control involves much more than just throwing down some traps and poisons. We thoroughly inspect your building and your operations for any vulnerabilities and either fix them ourselves or provide recommendations for you to do so.

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    For example, if we find gaps around pipework which mice could crawl through, we can fill it with a rodent-proof filler. If flies are spreading from your bins, we can build a bin shed to keep them covered. If drainage issues are pushing rats to the surface, we can inspect and repair your drains.

    We will continue to perform inspections of your restaurant with regularly scheduled appointments to make sure that any pest control measures we installed are still working and update them if there are any new vulnerabilities.

    Your restaurant staff should be trained in basic pest control

    Of course, we can’t be there all the time, but we can train your staff to be able to handle some pest control responsibilities themselves.

    This includes being able to recognise the early signs of pest infestation, how to inspect deliveries and stock for contamination, correct reporting procedures and what actions they can take to prevent the infestation from getting worse.

    Our pest control training and instructions are designed around the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles recommended by the Food Standards Agency.

    If the infestation is worse than what your staff are capable of taking care of themselves, we will always be just a phone call away to perform professional extermination.

    It’s very important that poisons and pesticides are never used in a restaurant by anyone but professional pest controllers as there is a high risk of contamination to food, which may have even worse consequences than the infestation itself.

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    Our Integrated Pest Management service is perfect for restaurants. It includes all the above while minimising reliance on poisons and pesticides through a focus on preventative pest control, waste management procedures and strict hygiene.

    If your restaurant needs a professional pest control contract, call our friendly customer services team now or request your call back.

    Restaurant Pest Control

    • Any business processing, distributing or serving food has a legal requirement to have pest control measures in place.
    • The Food Standards Agency strongly recommends having a contract with a professional pest control company.
    • Rodenticides should never be used in a food handling area by anyone who is not a professional pest controller.
    • You should provide training for key staff in how to prevent, identify and treat a pest infestation.
    • Many pest infestations start with a contaminated delivery; all food stuffs should be checked before they are accepted.
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