Pest Control for Hotels, Guesthouses and Student Accomodation in London

Pest minimisation Best practice for the hospitality industry

Pest and vermin minimisation for hoteliers and managers of establishments within the hospitality industry is very important and should not be overlooked. Recognition, prevention and management of relevant pest infestations is regarded as part of the duties of a successful hotelier.

Environ Pest Control offer a comprehensive FREE site inspection of your premises prior to a detailed report outlining our recommendations which include routine inspection visits and pest proofing programme.

The risk to public health is important with regards to the potential health issues associated with pests. Adverse publicity with regards to online reviews and potential litigation as a consequence can be even more costly in relation to your reputation and future business.

Rodents and other pests in Hotels can cause serious damage to the building by destroying insulation, causing electrical fires and damage to other structural components of buildings. Energy loss from rodent damaged buildings can also result in added annual costs for business.

Pest species such as rodents, cockroaches and flies are renowned for transmitting both infection and disease and are reservoirs for pathogens that can cause illness in humans. Bed bugs cause irritating and unsightly marks and can become very costly to hotels and guesthouses if allowed to spread. Although not associated with the spread of disease, infestations are distressing with reactions in some hosts quite severe. The loss of revenue created by reports of bedbugs are a rising concern in London as significant discounts during a customer’s stay are often demanded.

Reactive strategies with regards to bedbugs are always a recommended approach in nipping low level problems before they spread to other rooms. Pest infestations can quickly spread through accommodation, are difficult to eradicate and can be very costly in terms of treatment, potential closure of the business and damage to its reputation. Pest minimisation, structural baiting and pest proofing from external influence are important steps in reducing the risk to public health and to safeguarding your hospitality service.

There is a need for managers of hotels and other hospitality accommodation to take into account the risks of pest infestation and to ensure that accommodation is pest- proofed so that they do not create conditions that encourage and support infestations.

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