Can’t Get Rid of Mice? We’ll Wipe Them Out and Keep Them Out

There’s never just one mouse. If you spot one scurrying along a skirting board, find their droppings or hear them gnawing in the night, you need to act fast before you’re not the only family enjoying your home.

All it takes is a hole the width of a biro for a mouse to get into your property, and all it takes is two mice to breed 100 mice. These small, secretive creatures don’t need water to survive, letting them quietly grow enormous families around a food source without you realising. The more mice are in your home, the more they spread urine, droppings and disease.

DIY solutions are notoriously ineffective and no matter how many mice you kill, they’ll keep coming back if you don’t block their ways in. But you don’t have to live with them: Environ can kill every last mouse in your property and – even better – stop them from coming back.

We use a professional-use-only poison that dries out the mice so you don’t have to deal with any stinking, fly-infested corpses trapped beneath your floorboards. With the mice taken care of, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation of your property to plug up any holes with a gnaw-proof sealant for long-term mouse-proofing.

To get your home mouse-free and keep it that way, click here to book your treatment now.

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