Rodent Exterminator & Control in London

It’s no secret that London has more rodents than people. They’re an unfortunate fact of life in the city, but you don’t have to put up with them infesting your home or business.

Over more than 20 years, Environ has perfected rodent extermination and control. Instead of wasting money on DIY methods month after month, year after year with no improvement, call Environ to keep your property rodent-free – for good.

Rats, mice, even squirrels? No more

While all rodents cause similar issues in terms of property damage and spread of disease, each species needs specific treatments and proofing if you want to exterminate them and prevent repeat infestation.

Mice, rats and squirrels all require their own type of traps and poisons, so accurate identification of the species of rodent infesting your property and how they’re getting in is the most essential step to effective rodent control.

We use almost CSI-level investigation techniques with ultraviolet tracking dust and CCTV cameras to monitor the level of infestation, identify points of entry and refine our control methods.

Emergency rodent control in London with rat catching dog

Mice are a problem but rats are an emergency. Bigger, dirtier and more destructive than their smaller cousins, rats cannot be tolerated in a home or business. If you spot one, call us immediately.

We offer same-day emergency rodent control in the London area for live rats in a property. While many of our control methods are hi-tech, for emergency rodent control there’s no beating a rat catching dog.

After our dog has dispatched the rat (and been given a treat for their hard work), we’ll perform a site survey so that we can recommend further rodent control to prevent further infestation.

Rodent control for London businesses, restaurants, hotels and more

Rodents in the home are upsetting enough but rodents in a business could shut you down. Failure to control rodents in a business deters customers, increases risk of disease and could even result in legal action.

The Food Standards Agency has strict rodent control requirements for any business handling, cooking or serving food – and they strongly recommend that businesses use professional pest control companies.

Our pest control services for businesses meet or exceed the FSA’s requirements, with Integrated Pest Management designed around HACCP principles, detailed reports which can be presented to food safety officers and staff training for identifying and preventing pests.

How we get rid of rodents

  • Rodents spread disease and damage property. If you’ve seen one in your home or business or found evidence of infestation, you need to act immediately.
  • Our first step is to accurately identify the rodents that are infesting your property, as mice, rats and squirrels are all treated differently.
  • We then exterminate the existing population and figure out how the rodents were entering and what was attracting them so that we can prevent future infestation.
  • If a live rat is in your property, we provide an immediate emergency rat extermination service with one of our rat-catching dogs.

Call Environ now to talk to our rodent control experts

Whether you have rats under your floorboards, mice in your cupboards or squirrels in your roof, our friendly team of BPCA-certified rodent control experts can find a rapid, effective and long-term solution.

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Very friendly, & helping was very quick & good at the job explained how the extermination was going to go very pleased!

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Excellent service the boys are very helpful we have not had any mice the summer well done thank you Kathy john