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Fox control in London I have foxes in my garden! What can I do?

Foxes and fox control in London is the most contentious issue that Environ pest control has to deal with, no pest other than the rat generates as much public interest and there is strict legislation in place which determines how foxes are controlled in London. The nation is divided with regards to foxes and the debate goes on whether to exterminate or tolerate their presence in London. The culling of foxes is permitted by law and it is in fact illegal to live capture foxes and release them. If you have foxes in the garden or denning under the decking or shed there are a number of strategies that can be employed in the control of the fox.

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Fox with mange in a cage

Why control foxes in London?

As some of the photos on this page display sarcoptic mange is a significant disease that affects not only the fox but also pets (cats and dogs) and on occasion humans. It is a highly contagious disease and is caused by a parasitic mite. Alongside the very visible mange, foxes also carry lungworm which is fatal when transmitted in both cats and dogs. The lungworm is a parasitic nematode worm affects the respiratory system in dogs and cats. Canine heartworm can also be transmitted to dogs from foxes. Scabies and fleas are also common in areas where populations of foxes occur. There are also a number of disease which can be transmitted through contract with fox faeces the most serious of which is toxocariasis.

Contact Us Now Humane culling of foxes London

A Fox cull is carried out under strict control procedures by fully trainee and qualified marksmen. A full site survey of the grounds is undertaken prior to the shoot taking place so that we can be assured of a safe environment and efficient control. The local police constabulary are informed of the fox control shoot to comply with our on site assessment. Establishments most benefitting from the control include golf courses, schools, building sites, garden centres, parks and large gardens where denning activity occurs.

Trapping and foxes in London

Trapping foxes is a beneficial strategy particularly when we have foxes denning away from the control site and cannot get guaranteed results through a targeted shoot. Trapped foxes are humanely dispatched and are never relocated.

Contact Us Now Proofing against foxes in London

Environ pest control are happy to implement a free site inception of the premises so that we can provide a proposal for a successful proofing programme. A site inspection may encompass many houses or buildings so that proofing can push on populations of fox that recognise these areas as part of their territory.

The fox has become an increasing problem in the London area as recent news reports have shown and the methods to control these vermin have evolved considerably. We are committed in the humane control of foxes in London as we are aware that the fox is not a species that should not reside in significant numbers as they do. The fox population is now estimated to be between 25,000 and 30,000 animals in London and without effective pest control will we notice an increase in incidents like the unfortunate events taken place recently.

Here is an article environ appeared in with regards to foxes:

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