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Fly Control

I have small flies in my home! What are they?

We have many species of flies in London, and interestingly they are a pest species which are often symptomatic of another issue. You never just have flies.

For example, bluebottles are often indicators of decay, and we often look for dead animals in the vicinity of the building where large bluebottle fly outbreaks occur.

On average flies have relatively short lives of around 30 days, but during that time they can lay 500 eggs so even the occasionally sighting can quickly turn into a fly infestation.

In London, we deal with some fly issues in commercial premises which include both sewer and fruit flies. These pests are particularly prevalent in the catering industry, especially in restaurants, hotels and bars.

The build-up of fats and detritus in drains and plumbing often contribute to the problem with sewer fly infestations and part of our service includes drain jetting to remove the food source buildup which will, in turn, resolve the fly issue.

Fly control tips

  1. Regularly clean and wash out bins.
  2. Install electric fly killers (EFKs) if you are in the catering industry.
  3. Fix any leaks in your plumbing, particularly under sinks.
  4. Install fly screens.
  5. Get a drain jetting service if you see flies around your drains.

To get your property pest-free and keep it that way, request your call back to book your treatment now.

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