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What are fleas doing in my home?

Cat Flea

Are you getting bitten on your legs or ankles?

Unlike bedbugs, the flea can be quite visible you often see them when they jump to or from a host. If you have cats or dogs or have just moved into a property that had pets, then you are at risk from fleas and flea bites.

In London, we have a large fox population, and this can also cause flea problems in the garden and home.

Flea larvae feed on the faeces of adult fleas which contain digested blood, so thorough cleaning and vacuuming will undoubtedly help manage flea problems until professional help arrives.

Flea droppings are best described as ground black pepper, and a careful search may indicate their presence.

I am getting bitten by fleas, what can I do?

We often find flea infestations in London when we are dealing with large mice or rat problems. If you do have pets in the home, we recommend that a professional, veterinarian-approved flea control product on cats and dogs before any flea control treatment be undertaken.

If your dog or cat is scratching themselves repeatedly, this may be another indication of a flea problem.

The use of growth regulators is the professional choice in managing and eliminating flea problems in London. A full site inspection must be undertaken before treatment so that we can identify the source and extent of the outbreak and have a targeted approach to the infestation.

Fleas are primarily ground-dwelling, except when on the host, and our treatment will help resolve an infestation by carrying out a residual application of the floor and flooring areas which will include the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and hallway areas.

On occasion, we will need to treat the garden mainly if there is a significant fox population in the area and we determine that this is the source of the flea problem.

What are fleas exactly?

We have two species of Flea in London that cause problems to homeowners and tenants, and they are the Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides canis) and the Cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis).

Both species are 3mm long, and the cat flea is reddish –brown in appearance and the dog flea is slightly darker reddish black with long tapering legs which of course allows them to jump considerable distances.

Movement, heat and vibration alongside carbon dioxide help fleas detect your whereabouts in the property.

Fleas have four life stages and are the egg, larva, pupa, and then adult. Control in all of the life stages is essential for guaranteed pest control results.

Flea control tips

  1. Thorough vacuuming of your property before treatment, remembering to empty the bag.
  2. Frequent washing and drying of pet bedding.
  3. Use professional veterinarian-approved flea control products.
  4. Get a professional pest control treatment with two visits spaced two weeks apart.

Flea Pest Control Near Me

To get your property flea-free and keep it that way, request your call back to book your treatment now.

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