Mice Are Everywhere in London – Get Rid of Them for Good with Mouse Extermination from Environ

London’s old and densely packed homes and thousands of restaurants makes it mouse paradise. But you’ll know if you’ve ever had to deal with mice in your home or business, that what’s paradise for mice is hell for us.

You’ve also probably realised that DIY mouse extermination rarely works. Mouse extermination is an arms race that the mice are winning as they adapt to our traps and learn to be more cautious. London is our capital and also their capital, and if you see one, you can guarantee there’s a dozen or more you’re not seeing.

Mouse Extermination in London, by Londoners

No one knows the challenges of mouse extermination in London better than Environ. Our BPCA-certified team of mouse exterminators have been keeping London homes and businesses mouse-free for over two decades from our walk-in, family-run Fulham offices.

From mansions to council flats, from world-famous markets to international corporations, we’ve provided mouse extermination for every size and scale of client that London has to offer. No matter how big or small your mouse problem, we’ll be able to get rid of them and keep them gone.

How our BPCA-certified mouse exterminators get the job done

Environ mouse extermination is a three stage process: investigate, exterminate and control.

We start with investigation, where our mouse exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home or business to first make sure we are dealing with mice, and then figure out how they’re getting into the building, how they’re surviving and whether they’ve nested inside.

Next we exterminate, with professional-use-only poisons that mummify the mouse so that it doesn’t leave behind a smelly, fly-attracting corpse. Finally, our mouse exterminators control against future infestations by mouse-proofing the site from top to bottom, and we’ll check in later to make sure you’re still mouse-free.

Call now for effective, long-lasting mouse extermination from a local, family-run London business

You don’t have to put up with the skittering, gnawing and stray droppings anymore. Just call Environ now or request your call back and before long you’ll never have to share your home or business with a mouse again.

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