Increase in moth activity in London as the weather warms up

As the summer causes temperatures to increase in the home there is the inevitable rise in both common cloth moth and the webbing moth. Damage is most notable in the dark recesses of the property, (areas that the moth gravitate towards for both feeding and breeding purposes) so a quick inspection with a good torch may help you find the source, If you cannot identify the source of moth infestation and you are based in London why not call us now for a free ,no obligation site inspection of your premises so that we can identify the species, source and extent of infestation and provide you with a full report and recommendations. Here is a video of a really bad bedbug infestation and keep an eye out for part 2 where we see the success of the treatment that we estimated in the 1000s of individuals. We provide 3 visits to control bedbug treatments in London and our works are guaranteed.



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