London Drain Repairs from Professional Drain Engineers

Repair your drains with long term, professional drain repair from our trained and qualified drain engineers. We can repair damage anywhere in your drain system, from the inspection chamber to the soil pipe and any junctions in between.

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Damaged drains are the homeowner’s responsibility

Any damage to the drain system before it connects with the sewer is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix. Drain damage doesn’t go away by itself and can lead to far more severe problems, including disastrous structural issues like subsidence or even structural collapse.

Serious drain damage that causes raw sewage to seep beneath your property is almost impossible to ignore due to the smell alone, but many smaller cracks are shrugged off until they turn into bigger, more expensive problems.

You may also be tempted to cut corners and hire cheap drain repair from unqualified engineers, but you’ll only end up having to pay for repairs time and time again.

Your best option is to have your drains repaired by professional, qualified engineers who perform thorough inspections of the entire drain system and fix any issues they discover with long-lasting, guaranteed repairs.

No-dig drain repairs allow us to fix pipes deep underground

Resin patch kits are like keyhole surgery for your drains. They allow us to fix cracked pipes deep beneath the ground without having to resort to costly and time consuming excavation work.

At one end, we snake a CCTV camera through the pipe to the site of the damage, and at the other we insert the resin patch kit, which is a durable, two-part resin wrapped around a balloon-like inflatable applicator.

Watching the feed from the camera, we carefully inflate the patch kit until it’s pressed firm against the edges of the pipe. The rapid-curing resin then completely seals any cracks in the pipe, then hardens into a durable material that’s likely to outlive the rest of the pipe and guaranteed for 20 years.

Drain inspection chamber repairs in London homes and businesses

Beneath your manhole there’s an inspection chamber which allows you to check for standing water, blocked drains or other drain issues.

In older properties, these inspection chambers are built from brick and pointing, which can be damaged by erosion, root ingress and general decay.

Our drain engineers can repair worn out inspection chambers, replacing any damaged materials or decayed pointing, guaranteeing that your inspection chamber will last for many more years.

Manhole missing? We can install a new one

In properties that have had building works done that didn’t follow building regulations, the manhole may have been built over. By law, every drain system needs a manhole for inspection and access, which is a headache if an extension’s been built over it.

We can install new manholes and connect it to your existing drain system. Our high quality construction ensures that the manhole cover isn’t an eyesore, and we can use matching materials so that it blends with your patio, garden or driveway.

What are the most common types of drain damage?

  • Victorian clay pipes are susceptible to cracks over time from ground movement or vibration from construction or heavy vehicles
  • Brick inspection chambers can decay like any other brickwork, with crumbling pointing and loose bricks which can fall into the drain and block the pipes
  • Tree roots can break into the pipes and inspection chambers, damaging the drains and flooding them with soil

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